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A daily geeky question

Welcome to...
g e e k y q u e s t i o n s.

A daily geeky question will be posted here, and discussion and reasoning is welcome in the comments.

What kind of questions?
g e e k y q u e s t i o n s.

Decide what house you would have been in if a wizard in Harry Potter, say whether you would have chosen The Doctor or Rory in Doctor Who, and what would you have done in Battlestar Galactica? Could YOU love a cylon?
Can I help...
g e e k y q u e s t i o n s.

I really encourage you all to submit your questions. You can do so here. My fandoms are contained, so if you want questions about shows such as Gossip Girl, True Blood, Friday Night Lights, etc... I'll need your help :)

What else can I do?
g e e k y q u e s t i o n s.

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